Eww - Widgets for everyone!

Eww (ElKowar's Wacky Widgets, pronounced with sufficient amounts of disgust) is a widget system made in rust, which let's you create your own widgets similarly to how you can in AwesomeWM. The key difference: It is independent of your window manager!

Configured in XML and themed using CSS, it is easy to customize and provides all the flexibility you need!

How to install Eww


  • rustc
  • cargo (nightly toolchain)

Rather than with your system package manager, I recommend installing it using rustup, as this makes it easy to use the nightly toolchain necessary to build eww.


Once you have the Prerequisites ready, you're ready to install and build eww.

First clone the repo:

git clone https://github.com/elkowar/eww
cd eww

and then to build:

cargo build --release

NOTE: When you're on wayland, build with:

cargo build --release --no-default-features --features=wayland

Running eww

Once you've built it you can now run it by entering:

cd target/release

and then make the Eww binary executable

chmod +x ./eww

and then to run it do

./eww daemon
./eww open <window_name>

<window_name> is the name of the window, see The windows block.