Here you will find help if something doesn't work. If the issue isn't listed here, please open an issue on the GitHub repo.

Eww does not compile

  1. Make sure that you are compiling eww using a recent version of rust (run rustup update to be sure you have the latest version available)
  2. Make sure you have all the necessary dependencies. If there are compile-errors, the compiler will tell you what you're missing.

Eww does not work on Wayland

  1. Make sure you compiled eww with the --no-default-features --features=wayland flags.
  2. Make sure that you're not trying to use X11-specific features (these are (hopefully) explicitly specified as such in the documentation).

My configuration is not loaded correctly

  1. Make sure the eww.yuck and eww.(s)css files are in the correct places.
  2. Sometimes, eww might fail to load your configuration as a result of a configuration error. Make sure your configuration is valid.

Something isn't styled correctly!

Check the GTK-Debugger to get more insight into what styles GTK is applying to which elements.

General issues

You should try the following things before opening an issue or doing more specialized troubleshooting:

  • Kill the eww daemon by running eww kill and re-open your window with the --debug-flag to get additional log output.
  • Now you can take a look at the logs by running eww logs.
  • Use eww state to see the state of all variables.
  • Use eww debug to see the structure of your widget and other information.
  • Update to the latest eww version.
  • Sometimes hot reloading doesn't work. In that case, you can make use of eww┬áreload manually.

Remember, if your issue isn't listed here, open an issue on the GitHub repo.